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Group Classes

Group classes are what most people think of when they think about dog training! They're typically fun, and perfect for many dogs and their families.


At my Family Manners group classes you will learn to teach your dog the foundations for being a well-mannered family pet. We teach skills like walking nicely on leash, sit, down, stay, and come, plus we add in some other useful behaviors, such as focus, leave it, and settle. I also cover the basics of handling, grooming, and preparing your dog for vet visits. Class sizes are kept small so everyone receives personalized attention, and each dog can work and learn at their own pace.

Canine Good Citizen classes are for those who are ready to take their dog to the next stages of training. There are multiple levels of achievement through the AKC CGC program, and your dog can earn a certificate for each level he/she completes. You can learn more about AKC's CGC here!

Group classes are 45-60 minutes once a week for 6 weeks.

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