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Professional guidance, for both ends of the leash!

Choosing the right trainer can be difficult, there's so much information out there, and not all of it is good! I do my best to make the training process fun and safe for both the handler and the dog. I've found this has the best results in the long run, as everyone will want to continue the training process, rather than getting frustrated and wanting to quit. Here you can find some good tips on choosing the right trainer for you and your dog, and below you can choose the training plan that would work best for you!

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Policies and Procedures: As an immunocompromised person, and someone with an asthmatic daughter, I have been very cautious as we all navigate through this pandemic. As places reopen and we all try to find a new normal, I am beginning to see clients again, and am reopening my group classes as well. I am still practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, teach outside when possible, and the facility where my classes are held inside is sanitized as well.  

Group Classes

For dogs and puppies who are ready to learn in a distracting environment. 

Private Lessons

For dogs and puppies who are easily distracted or exhibit behaviors that need a more personalized approach.

Day Training

For dogs and pups with busy parents who need a head start!

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